The First Light Of Day

Sometimes talk about the changes you could never make,

Sometimes think about the chances you would never take,

This time look down, deep down, into yourself tonight,

This time don’t be put down no more …stand and fight.

So take your anorak and set the thing on fire

Tell the truth for once, ‘cos you have been a liar,

To yourself it seems,

Out of character y’see,

You’ve got to do it surely tonight?

So you cauterize the past and start anew,

And you leave behind all that you despise,

And it makes me smile to see you start again,

And it makes me smile … I guess you never knew,

That I loved you then …….

Yes I loved you then ………

You were the first light of day.


Music written by Colin M Potter.

Lyrics written by Colin M Potter & Andy Gahan.